Over It / Into It, Part 1


blue crocks

I am not a trend setter, never have been, never will be. But I like the stuff I like. And, sometimes I manage to be an early adopter, like the summer I showed up at a camping trip with bright blue croc’s a full year before anyone in Wisconsin had seen them.  Perhaps that wasn’t for the best.  But, anyway, I try.

January seems like a natural starting point to announce some things that are faves and raves.  I suspect I may update this list periodically. But for this moment in time, here is a list of what I like and don’t.

Category: Food

Over it:

  • Gluten Intolerance – c’mon most people just don’t want to get fat
  • Paleo – no part of being a caveman appeals to me, especially not the eating
  • Fukushima fish scares – until there is science, I’m eating sushi
  • Cake Pops – too much work, too little cake
  • Granny Smith & Red Delicious – there are way better apples than these
  • Smoothies – I’d rather eat a piece of fruit
  • Chewing gum – chomping on gum always looks trashy


Into it:

  • Siracha – and Siracha flavored stuff, especially popcorn!
  • Persimmons – these still seem exotic to me and are so delicious
  • Meatless Monday – a gateway to meatless most days
  • Mediterranean Diet – Ottolenghi is my inspiration
  • Jalapeno olive oil – add a little to a recipe for a mysterious kick
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes – yum.
  • Greek salads – not all are created equal, but even a bad Greek is better than a good BBQ chicken salad
  • Brussels sprout chips – especially with fish sauce
  • Siggis Icelandic-style skyr – move over Fage.


Category: Style

Over it:

  • Shades of Gray – perhaps the second worst color on me after yellow
  • Nail art – too much work

nail art

Into It:

  • Southwestern print tops – my kind of boho
  • Shades of Brown – mix and match and browns always look stylish
  • Hats – every shape and size, I can’t get enough
  • Bangle Bracelets – dress up a t-shirt
  • Soft fitted white t-shirts – a classic
  • Sun Bum sunscreen – goes on non-greasy, covers well, smells great and blocks the sun
  • Matte finish – especially glasses frames,
  • Lupita Nyong’o’s red carpet dresses

red dress

Category: Media

Over it:

  • ABC’s Dancing With The Stars – Jumped the shark
  • Canadians on HGTV – Ambiguous Canadian cities dominate, show some U.S.A already!
  • Good Morning America – Way too silly


Into it:

  • Lifetime Network’s Under The GunnI can’t get enough Tim Gunn 
  • The Olympics – ‘nough said
  • CBS This Morning – Eye Opener, your world in 90 seconds
  • The Bachelor, Juan Pablo – could he really be this nice?
  • Sirius Radio Howard 100 – Howard Stern is the best interviewer ever.
  • TED Talks and TED Radio Hour on NPR – thought provoking
  • PBS rebroadcast of Borgen – Brigette Nyborg, Katrine Fonsmark, Kasper Juul, oh my.


Category: Pop Culture

Over it:

  • Twerking – does not highlight my best side
  • BB and CC Creams – useless
  • Government shutdown – wrong on so many levels
  • cray-cray – ref: government shutdown
  • Candy Crush Requests – I’m not playing with you, stop asking

candy crush

Into it:

  • Cards Against Humanity – shockingly funny, emphasis on the shocking
  • Beanbag pool floats – I’m done noodling around
  • Aperol spritz – pink and bubbly, yes please!

Aperol Spritz

****To Be Continued****


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