Over It / Into It: Spring 2014

Too-Faced Lip Crayon

I’m back, with a Spring 2014 update to my series: Over it/Into It. (Is it a series if this is the second edition? Well, I guess so!) While I am still not hip or cool, I am a consumer and I know what I like. Here, I make claim to the things that make life better, and those that totally puzzle me. Time will tell what has staying power!

Share your thoughts; do you agree? Or, do you have a different point of view?

Category: Tech

Over it:
• Vine – With the exception of #Whaling, 6-seconds isn’t enough.
• Voicemail – especially for work stuff. I guarantee I’ll see your email first.
• Sleep Monitoring – unless I am really up 15-times/night and don’t realize it, the sleep monitor I use is junk.
• Pinterest – Makes me feel inferior for not being able to craft, cook and decorate like A Martha.

Pinterest Fail

Pinterest Fail

Into it:
• Fitbit – Wearable tech is hot, fitbit is easy to conceal and has a good app!
• Amazon Prime – free shipping on everything from my patio furniture to a stain stick.
• Snapchat – sharing one moment from my day with family and friends makes us feel closer.
• Shazam – I love that the app now streams lyrics in sync with a song I’m listening to.
• Paper – My new favorite app for Facebook viewing.
• Evernote – I’m thankful for the cloud that keeps me organized.



Category: Written Word

Over it:
• Teen Lit – Twilight, Hunger Games: been there, done that.
• Spoilers – Shhhhh! West Coast doesn’t know yet, please don’t ruin it for us.
• Printed Newspaper– Sorry to my dear journalist friend, newsprint makes my fingers dirty.

inky fingers

Into It:
• Blogs! – Duh.
• Scandinavian Noir – The Danes can really do dark.
• The Atlantic – and @TheAtlantic, both provocative and informative.
• Cooking Magazines –I have mountains of ripped out pages of things I plan to cook.
• Infographics – Way more fun to digest info when it is part picture.
• Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple – Totally cute novel makes for a great summer beach read, or fun pick for book club.

by Maria Semple

by Maria Semple

Category: Style

Over it:
• Shoes with white soles, especially flip flops
Always look dirty.
• High-waisted Bikini Bottoms –
More granny than pin-up.
• Crop Tops at Work
This look doesn’t work on anyone over 30.
• Coachella Costumes
Since when are flower crowns and fringe the uniform of summer festivals?



Into it:
• Josef Seibel sneakers – comfy and stylish kicks for summer.
• Mywalit Leather Goods – Love the bright colors and soft leather.
• Too Faced Lip Crayon – color with staying power and a curious tingle.
• Cerave face wash – so gentle, yet cleans off all the makeup at night. My new fav.


Category: Drinks

Over it:
• Starbucks – I’ve gone from sometimes, to rarely. And, I don’t think I’m alone.
• Smoothies – Beware! Hidden calorie bomb.
• Juicing – I want to like it, but seldom do.

Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green background

Into It:
• Fresh Squeezed Lemonade – Nothing is better on a warm day.
• Coconut Water – Hydrating and delicious.
• Bloody Maria – Mary, but with tequila instead of vodka. The more garnish the better!
• Nespresso Carmelito – Gentle caramel essence without being too sweet.
• St. Germain Cocktails – Just about every combination tastes floral and delicate.

St germain


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