A couple years ago, I lost a grandparent. And while many, many people have experienced this before me, not everyone had a grandpa like mine. We just clicked. From my earliest memories until the end, we always shared a special bond.

While our connection was unique, his ability to connect with people was far reaching. He touched a lot of lives. In my dad I still see his gestures. In my grandma I hear his words.

This is no posthumous deification because I know he had shortcomings too. But, his best qualities are the ones I like to remember most. He was a little mischievous; he was a great listener; he loved with his entire heart.

I think of him very often; I imagine the advice he would have for me. And like anyone who has lost someone they love, I miss him.

Today, on a date I will always think of as his birthday, I pay tribute to him and his legacy. To a granddaughter-grandpa love that still fills me with joy. To someone who contributed so much to who I am today, and still influences the person I aspire to be.


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