I’m Sorry, Mom.

Gold Star

Mother’s Day is approaching and I’ve recently been to Hallmark to pick up cards for my mom, and grandma, and mother-in-law, and friends that are new moms within the last year, and, and, and. Sometimes buying greeting cards is like an Academy Awards acceptance speech – I really hope I don’t space out and forget someone important, like my mom.

There are hundreds of options available: the simple greeting, the religious greeting, the cards that play music, the “mahogany” options, large print cards, Spanish language messages, and long sappy ones too. I even applauded a progressive card option for “my two mom’s”.

I’ve always felt it was hard to find an appropriate card for a “grandmother” that doesn’t appear to come from a young child. Try to find one. It is nearly impossible. They all have teddy bears or cute animals on them. It’s downright embarrassing to be a mid-thirties woman giving my grandma a card with fuzzy bunnies on it.

I digress; I intended to rant about another phenomenon altogether, the Mother’s Day apology letter. This year, as I flipped through the options, I saw card after card that had a message like this:

    Dearest Mom, I’m sorry I haven’t always been the kind of daughter that appreciated you for the Goddess you are, but I am humbly sorry for being such a jerk and I’ve come to my senses, albeit late, to understand the true infallibility of your advice and your glowing radiance which I sincerely hope is genetic. Happy Mother’s Day with all my unyielding and remorseful devotion!

Um, say what? Since when is an apology letter a Mother’s Day greeting? However, based on the sheer quantity and variety of cards containing a version of this message, I must deduce significant demand exists.

Nearly everyone I know believes she went through a phase of adolescence where the limits of one’s parents, both mom and dad, were tested. Some people carry that zeal for independence to greater limits than others. But, does that warrant an annual apology letter? Is Mother’s Day even the best occasion to relive dirt from the past? I’m hoping the answer is, no.

Advice to Hallmark, make more cards that say “Happy Mother’s Day” and let people write their own sentiment. Or, if you have serious writers block when it comes to your mom (and shame on you), try a Google search for mothers’ day quotes. You’re bound to find some esoteric gem like this:

    There is no such word in all of the languages of the world that can precisely describe the love of a mother.

That pretty much says it all.

To my mom – I’m not sorry for being a stinker, but I do love you! And, I hope you enjoy your special day.

To Nana – The card I sent is only “okay” but there are no fuzzy bunnies and for that I get a gold star!


One response to “I’m Sorry, Mom.

  1. Aha, so great minds really do run along the same track!! This, too, is a great Mom’s Day post and brings back all the difficulty I once had in picking out appropriate cards. Sometimes they’re just too over-the-top; other times, they’re not near enough. My late dad’s suggestion to write my own message is sounding better and better!


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