Mayday, Mayday, Mayday: The Party is Over



The month of May has been one big celebration, and it is coming to an end. My event calendar was filled with an anniversary, a birthday, a vacation, and the best holiday of all because it gives me permission to have margaritas, chips and guacamole: Cinco de Mayo.

I even toasted owning our home for 2-years (where does time go?); enjoyed visits from an overseas friend, and one of my brothers; plus peppered in a lovely Mother’s Day brunch which was tasty to boot!

Last night I capped off this party month with a live Billy Joel concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We’re all in the mood for a melody; and you’ve got us feeling alright.

There weren’t fireworks last night, but if there had been, I’m sure I’d have interpreted them as a fitting grand finale to my spectacular month of fun.

When I looked in the mirror today, I saw a tired and bloated version of myself looking back. I’m hung-over. Not from excessive consumption, but from excessive celebration.

As my dad would say, I’ve been “burning the candle from both ends”.

January, February, March, then April: it is a long, dark and tedious stretch without a paid work holiday. If only St. Patty’s Day had chips and guac instead of corn beef and cabbage, I could maybe get behind it.

So, when May hits, it is go time! The sun is out, the jasmine is in full perfumed bloom, the social calendar is full, full, full. I dip into my energy reserves to surge through all the fun times.

But, May is ending. As much as I’d like to curl up on the couch under an afghan and catch-up on my DVR while sipping hot tea, I’m afraid that would get in the way of my career and my much needed workouts.

Instead I’m going to set these June intentions:

  • Recommit to my skin care routine – which basically means moisturize like I live in a desert.
  • Re-hydrate, with water not wine.
  • Reinstate self-discipline with diet and exercise – drop my party pounds.
  • Reconnect with friendships I’ve neglected while I’ve been reveling.
  • Rest.

The way I figure, if I take the month of June to recharge my batteries, I’ll be in prime shape to celebrate again by July, just in time for Independence Day, and finally, those Fireworks!


2 responses to “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday: The Party is Over

  1. Hi Cali Ali!

    Young Rob informed me about your blog and I have to say – I enjoy your writing and relate to your observations.

    On another note, your hubby is trying to arrange my batchelor party. Can you please let him know that I appreciate the gesture and his desire to find a valid reason to party, however I’m not quite there with the relationship 🙂

    Cheers Ali Gator!


    • Jeff, thanks for the compliments. Re: bachelor party, perhaps Rob just needs a night out. I suggest you find some live music opportunity for a boys night out to satisfy his desire to live it up.
      Hope you are enjoying a wonderful California Cup!


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