Into It: Summer 2014


Hello Darlings, its summer and I’m overdosing on backyard fun including grilling, pooltime and games. It seems like a great time to present a Summer 2014 update to my series: Over it/Into It. Except for one change, I’m over the over it section. It’s so much more fun to talk about what I’m obsessing about. So, lets focus on that.

Category: Backyard

Floating Luxuries(R) Bean Bag Pool Floats – Best float ever!

Grilling Greens – Especially Romaine, Cabbage & Artichoke

Pentaque – Bocce with metal balls.

New Orleans Jazz – Unexpected and fun music sets the tone for fun summer nights

Outdoor Ambient Lighting – hanging lanterns, torches, twinkly lights

CeraVe Face Sunscreen – SPF 50, goes on non-greasy, light enough to wear under makeup

(not me)

(not me)

Category: Television

Docu-series – I couldn’t get enough of Oprah’s Lindsey Lohan documentary or the True Tori  expose.

MTV – Yes, I’m old enough to remember when MTV actually showed music videos. Doesn’t mean I don’t love Catfish, Awkward and True Life.

The Mindy Project – Mindy’s character is charming, imperfect and quirky. She’s a doll.

Pretty Little Liars –Catching up on this series from the beginning is my summer guilty pleasure.


Category: Food 

Crema – And, thanks to Bobby Flay, roasted jalapeno crema especially.

Penzey’s Spices – Fox Point Seasoning in scrambled eggs, lemongrass in stir fry, cinnamon on oatmeal & curry on asparagus.

Strawberry Huller – I’m popping strawberries like candy with this fun gadget.

Chili Lime Nuts from Trader Joe’s – Try them & you’ll know.

Berry Flavored Balsamic Vinegar – Strawberry, Cherry: makes a super delicious dressing.

Bottle Green Elderflower Syrup – Sadly not distributed in the U.S. my husband has to smuggle it back from Europe. Makes a delicious soda when mixed with sparkling water.

Australian Licorice – lets get serious, I love licorice of all stripes, but this soft chewy version is especially delish.



Category: Fitness

Pilates Reformer Classes – Love, love. Catch up on my progress here and here.

Lorna Jane activewear – This Australian import is bright, functional and addictive. I especially love the tights, tops, sports bras…wait, I love everything.

Working out while listening to Ted Talks – Granted there is no beat, but the time flies.

Cool Down Towel – Because it is HOT in the summer.

not me

not me


Share your thoughts; do you agree? Or, do you have a different point of view?

Catch-up on past Over It/Into It lists: Spring 2014 and Winter 2014


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