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We ladies are bombarded with imagery of women who seem to be able to do-it-all. Pinterest, in particular, spreads this misconception like a disease infecting my peers with a feeling of perpetual inadequacy.

Amazing on-trend wardrobe, perfectly styled hair, flawless makeup, professionally organized home with DIY decorating accents made for pennies on the dollar, high-fuss appetizers, craft cocktails, artful tattoos, hot-body workouts, highly engaged kids whose days are filled with learning play. All that, and exotic vacations.

Wait, where is my stylist? Where is my glam squad? I seem to also be missing a decorator, a trainer, and a motivational life coach.

Yeah right! In the real world, my standards are far lower than my Pinterest boards would suggest. I prioritize the things that really matter, and the things I’m already good at. Therefore, I cook a great dinner at night because I love to cook and nourish my family. But, I have unruly eyebrows and zero hand-made holiday crafts. So it goes.

Loving my life and not measuring it against editorial standards requires high self esteem. These days, life is no longer about keeping up with the Jones’, because even the Jones’ seems to be struggling to keep pace with the airbrushed version of domestic life that the internet perpetuates. Rather, it seems I’m keeping up with a caricature of a modern woman, one whose exaggerated features are even less obtainable.

Another gang who should be booked with the crime of self-esteem robbery are celebrity lifestyle bloggers. It seems, any celebrity worth her weight in rice cakes has a lifestyle blog extolling the virtues of her particular brand of perfection. My very wonderful life has very little in common with these sites. Because, although I love to cook (and eat), to be stylish, to entertain and to travel, I do them with the imperfection of a real live person. So it goes.

For me, it is a win to achieve a vigorous workout, get a nutritious dinner on the table, the kitchen cleaned and the counter tops wiped.  So what if there was a misshapen crab cake or if we ate beneath a lopsided cork & glue-gun holiday wreath. My intentions, fueled by my love, and executed within my budget are what I can achieve. And while my results may not always be pin ready or lifestyle blog worthy, they are fine by me.


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